Leadership Training


A large part of ATEK’s ministry involves training church leaders. Many times the pastor of a local church has very little Biblical education. ATEK provides 15 day courses at the headquarters in Cusco to help these men and their wives develop Biblical worldviews and gives practical training on church leadership. This training empowers leaders to return to their communities and meet the needs of their churches.


 These courses focus on three parts:

            1. Character Development

            2. Formation of Healthy Habits

            3. Basic Doctrine




Children's Ministry


In Quechua communities, children are though of as a means to care of animals and their siblings. Not much emphasis is placed on learning and Biblical education. ATEK is providing training for Sunday School teachers to these children can be reached.


In 2014, 60 teachers from 30 communities were trained. They are now reaching over 500 children each week in Sunday school programs.


Another aspect of ATEK’s work with young people is in sexual abuse prevention. Sexual abuse is rampant in Quechua communities. Many girls drop out of school because of the danger of walking to and from school each day. ATEK works in public schools to educate children in this area.

Family and Marriage


The family is the basis for healthy communities. We are dedicated to strengthening of families and do this by providing marriage seminars to address common issues in Quechua communities.