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Many Quechua people have a difficult time reading and writing in their mother tongue. We work in communities to develop literacy programs to promote better Biblical Comprehension. By learning to read and study the Bible in Quechua, thoughts and lives are changed and the spiritual life is strengthened.


There are three parts to this program:

  • Teaching Basic Literacy

  • Learning how to use the Bible (finding passages)

  • Preparing Sermons


In 2014, 60 men and 50 women took part in these classes. They have since then trained over 500 others in their communities.

Since literacy is low in many Quechua communities, ATEK has developed many audiovisual materials. This includes:


  • The Jesus film in Quechua

  • An Audio Bible

  • Video and Audio recordings on various topics including: alcoholism, Marriages, and health care


ATEK has its own production studio where taping can be done in the creation of new videos.

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If you need Bibles, videos, and/or books in Quechua, they can be purchased at ATEK.  For their address in Cusco, Peru, please click here.