"It is important to teach the word of God to children from early childhood, children can learn in Sunday school"

Why children?

In the Quechua churches of Cusco-Collao they are unaware of the importance of teaching the word of God to children from early childhood, mistakenly believing that children cannot learn and are dedicated solely to the care of domestic animals or are responsible for their care. of the little brothers, for this reason the Quechua churches do not have Sunday schools, they are opened once the ATEK ministry intervenes.

Why train?

We want to continue training more children’s teachers from the different churches, so that these leaders become actively involved in the spiritual development of children, where children will know and practice biblical principles and values, use their Bibles and expand their knowledge of biblical truths. To strengthen their lives and improve their reading and writing in their mother tongue, for this reason it is very necessary and urgent to train men and women who will extend the kingdom of God through ministry with children.

work zones

Paruro – Livitaca – Urcos – Sicuani – Canas

“I found my place”

Yovana is a 23-year-old girl from the Marcayre community, she is participating in Sunday school teacher trainings, she states: “I have known God since I was little and I always wanted to serve him but I couldn’t find my place in the church, And I found out through a letter that ATEK sent to my church indicating that I was going to start the trainings to teach children when I saw that no one from my church was deciding, I decided to participate, the first workshop was something special for me since I felt very confronted , the sister who taught said: “that children also needed to know God and we should evangelize them, the church is only concerned with evangelizing adults and not children” that had me thinking and meditating and I was reminded of the children of my community, nobody I was evangelizing them, moreover, the leaders were going to another community to evangelize them but they forgot about the children of their own community, it is there that I clearly felt that God had He has brought this workshop with a purpose and that I was the person who was going to go for those children.

Thus, after the first workshop I spoke with the leader of my church and told him that I wanted to teach the children of my community and I explained what I had learned and the leader encouraged me to do so, I invited the children of the brothers and I am visiting the houses to invite the children to church. Currently I already have 15 children, I have more houses to visit. I am also in talks with some teenagers from my community to get together and teach them about the Bible and they are suggesting that it be after school classes in the large community of Hamp`atura since the secondary school works there, so I am watching them teach in my house because there is no church there, with the help of God I will be working with the children and adolescents of my community. Thanks to the help of the ATEK ministry, I found my place in the church to work with the children and adolescents of my community.

TESTIMONY: Young Quechua Sunday school teacher.

our purposes


Reach out to the facilitators and have them develop their ministry to the children in the church.


1000 children are learning the word of God using their Bibles, written and audiovisual materials in Quechua.

To motivate

Motivate church and community parents that their young children should attend Sunday schools because it is a council of God.

To prevent

That children learn to prevent sexual abuse.

Our workshops

We develop workshops for Sunday school teachers, we also promote camps and evangelism campaigns for children.

Our Materials

To make teaching-learning more effective, we produce printed and audiovisual material for children and facilitators.