family strengthening

Healthy marriages, influencing your church and community

family strengthening

  • Our purpose is to train and train marriage counselors in their own churches and communities in their mother tongue, Quechua Cusco-Collao.
  • There are marital problems that cannot be solved due to a lack of knowledge of the word of God and lack of trained marriage counselors.
  • The ATEK Ministry works training pastors, leaders, facilitators and marriage counselors for their local churches in the different towns of the department of Cusco.


  • Train Pastors and Church leaders Quechua speaking marriage counselors.


  • Each trained couple teaches and counsels couples reaching many more couples in their own churches.

work zones

Our work has been very fruitful, we have developed family strengthening workshops in the high provinces of Cusco:

-Paucartambo-Quispicanchi-Anta-La Convención-Paruro-Chumbivilcas-Canas

Our Materials

Our approach is always based on the teachings of the Bible, we also have complementary material produced entirely in Quechua Cusco-Collao.

Reasons for Prayer

the work team

• By the staff of the FF ATEK Area. • By facilitators of Family strengthening in the communities

our projects

• For the budget for the year 2020. • By provision of the families of the facilitators in this time of COVID-19.


• For the leaders and members of the Quechua churches.



We are 38 years old married, we have 3 children, we live in a town called Pitumarca, we mostly take care of clothing and grocery stores to support ourselves financially. Some time after we met Christ we had a somewhat long setback. This time brought many difficulties and trials to our lives, we realized that without God our lives had no meaning, we recognized God and we returned to look for him.

We returned to the church, our married life had deteriorated and it also affected the couple’s lives of our children, the lack of understanding had almost completely destroyed our family structure, we did not feel like working, we lived without expectations, at one point we thought that life like that made no sense.

At that time we thanked God that the marriage workshop organized by the ATEK ministry would take place in our church, we participated in the workshop and received answers to many of our difficulties as a couple, Christ restored our marriage and we reconciled with our God and church. Our life gradually improved.

Now my wife is teaching, helping and restoring the married life of our children, as well with other couples. From the date we received the Marriage workshop, we feel a commitment to teach and advise our brothers, friends and the people who come to buy at our store.