Quechua Biblical Reading Comprehension

In the last 30 years, most Quechuas had the opportunity to go to an educational center where lessons are taught in Spanish, regardless of whether the students understand the teachings. Many Quechua students leave their studies thinking that they do not have the sufficient capacity to learn and understand the knowledge. This fact resulted in many people, especially women, who remained illiterate until now.

Our work is aimed especially at these people, with them we work reminding them of what they once knew about the spelling of Spanish.

Once they have learned to read and write in their own language, they move on to the next stage of Reading Comprehension, the only strong reason that drives them to read is “Knowing the word of God.”

Background of the Quechuas

The illiteracy rate among the Quechua-speaking population in the Quechua Cusco-Collao variety is very high, for socioeconomic, linguistic, cultural, and pedagogical reasons, among others. In response to this great need and the urgency to solve this problem, the ATEK ministry is motivated to carry out literacy.

We know that language is the best cultural legacy that is transmitted from parents to children. This way Quechua-speakers will be able to use their bible in their own language and this will help to improve their self-esteem and their understanding of God’s word will improve.

... the only strong reason that drives them to read is "Know the word of God" ...


Train and disciple facilitators for teaching biblical studies in the church in order to develop literacy and reading comprehension skills.


I.- Literacy in Quechua

II.- Bi-literacy (Transfer)

III.- Post-literacy

For each stage there is a training of volunteer facilitators in each zone where literacy works.


The work is developed through workshops and trainings for leaders and volunteer facilitators. Equipping them with the necessary tools to respond to the task entrusted.

The leaders and facilitators enjoy the permanent accompaniment of the person in charge of the Biblical Reading Comprehension area of ATEK. At the same time they meet in inter-learning circles where they share their experiences, achievements and difficulties, also receiving the necessary reinforcement. ATEK fulfills the work of discipleship with the purpose that leaders come to act as citizens of the kingdom of God.


  1. By volunteers who want to finance the project
  2. For the ATEK team, may God equip you with everything that is needed to serve (New work strategies in rural communities using technology available to families and the rural community) we can serve without neglecting our family.
  3. By committed leaders who want to be trained and serve through teaching in their churches.

our achievements and plans

Many of the people who could not read are now facilitators teaching other people. Because of the motivation to learn to read their Bible, they even stopped their daily activities and despite great difficulties and limited resources, their desire is stronger. These reasons and love for the work of Christ motivate us to keep working.

our goal

300 quechuas

our achievement

Comprehensive reading

upcoming events

Training for leaders (Men and Women) who are dedicated to biblical teaching in their churches.

work zones

• District of Pitumarca
• Yanaoca Canas District
• District of Combapata