Under established criteria for this level, we have lessons in reading comprehension strategies to develop comprehension skills.




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Testimony: Study groups for reading comprehension.

Previous months we had training for women leaders. Concerned about their spiritual growth, the women participate in the training workshop to carry out Biblical studies in women’s groups in their churches.

Some came loaded with pain, resentment, hatred, sadness, believing that this is life and there is nothing to do, many of them resigned accepting the life they lead.

It was a special time of preparation, not only biblical knowledge, but also integral healing, where many women understood the need to leave sin on the cross, asking for forgiveness from Jesus.

They reflected on their encounter with Jesus and had a time of personal prayer re-dedicating their lives to her.

They shared their ideas of how to get out of a life tied by the enemy and where to seek help in light of the word, each shared their need to change and prayed for each other.

They returned home with joy and peace in their lives, knowing that they have been healed, restored, now in any adversity or need they know that they will turn to God their father. Grateful to God and the ATEK ministry, they ask for further training as they are beginning to experience a new life in Christ and the importance of sharing the gospel of salvation with other women.


  • Workshop time: 2 workshops of 3 days each on a rotating basis in the focus churches.
  • What is taught: Reading comprehension strategies for pastors and leaders (facilitators) These lessons are developed in order to equip pastors and leaders (facilitators) skills for fluent, comprehensive, interpretive and applied reading (read to learn) . Teaching methods for Bible studies with adults.
  • Teaching in each church: There will be Bible studies of Basic Doctrine and Bible studies of women of the Bible in women’s groups, 1 lesson per week. Under a control of attendance record and participant evaluation.

Help material

We have texts of Basic Doctrine 1, 2, 3, 4 and Women of the Bible 1 and 2.


  • Pastors and leaders use reading comprehension skills during teachings.
  • The beneficiaries understand the word of God in its real dimension, from which their lives are being transformed for the glory of God.

Our workshops with leaders

To make teaching-learning more effective we produce printed and audiovisual material for children and facilitators.

"Understanding and reading the Quechua Bible is very important."

The members of the Quechua church understand basic doctrine, the women also have a special study of the text "Women of the Bible", it is important after they are alphabetized a process of DISCIPLESHIP.

Our workshops with women leaders

To make teaching-learning more effective we produce printed and audiovisual material for children and facilitators.