Children need to learn the value of their bodies, recognize sexual abusers but reject and report them.

reasons to prevent

In the Quechua communities of Cusco, sexual abuse is not generally punished since most think it is normal because no one ever reported it, the parents are silent if it occurs within the family out of shame of what they will say. The situation is difficult, we would think that sexual abuse does not exist, but it is present in many children and adolescents who in many cases do not know what to do. This work is done at the level of educational institutions, parents and church.

prevention purposes

We want to continue doing the workshops in public schools and churches, so that children and adolescents learn to prevent sexual abuse and also the word of God where they will know a God who loves and heals wounds, for this reason it is very necessary and urgent continue doing these workshops so that more children and adolescents and children’s teachers learn to prevent sexual abuse.

work zones

Paruro – Livitaca – Urcos – Sicuani – Canas – Quillabamba – Paucartambo

our purposes

in Sunday schools

Reach out to the Sunday school facilitators so that they can develop the workshops with their children.

with the parents

Motivate church and community parents to share their young children must attend Sunday schools because it is a advice of God.

in the villages

1000 children and adolescents learn to prevent sexual abuse annually.

in prevention

That children learn to prevent sexual abuse.

Our workshops

We develop workshops for Sunday school teachers, we also promote camps and evangelism campaigns for children.

Our Materials

Our main material is the Quechua Bible, we also use appropriate complementary material.