Achieve reading fluency (rhythm, continuity and adequate intonation, basic for reading comprehension). You must read with a minimum fluency and speed, which should be progressive as you practice.

We carry out through training workshops for facilitators.

Learning process

  • Workshop time: 2 workshops of 3 days each.
  • What will be taught: Basic grammar, fluent and comprehensive reading practice, correct writing, and teaching methodology.
  • Teaching in each church: the practice of reading – writing in Quechua is carried out once a week (2-3 months) under a control and evaluation of the learning process

Help material

The transfer chart is designed to help you read your bible and other materials in Quechua fluently and comprehensively.

Our Achievements

– Pastors and leaders use their Quechua Bibles during their preaching and Bible studies.

– The beneficiaries understand the word of God in its real dimension, from which their lives are being transformed for the glory of God.