August, 2020

more feet

In the Quechua communities of Huasac and Cruzpata, this last weekend we had the occasion to bless 300 children.

The day started very early, members of the ATEK Ministry prepared days before all the necessary logistics to be able to comply with what was planned.

We blessed about 24 children in the community of Cruspata with items such as shoes and socks.

Then we visited the Huasac community and there with a similar process we were also able to bless 43 children.

Team work

We were able to bless a total of 65 children, most of them come from homes with limited economic resources, a good part of them come from Christian families and others not, in all cases always thanks to God we were able to bless as many possible of children.

Evangelism Time

Not only adults have a need for God, children must also know Christ, that is why it is not enough to bring a gift that may have a limited duration, but our objective of announcing the salvation gospel of Christ is higher, in fact. that will change their lives forever. This activity was very helpful because many children showed their love and faith in Christ.