Biblical Youth Formation

Strengthening Youth spiritually, emotionally and socially.

What are we looking for?

  1. Reach out to facilitators and motivate their ministry development with youth.
  2. Young knowledgeable biblical principles.
  3. Young people improve in their Quechua reading and writing, practice biblical truths and strengthen their lives.


To committed facilitators and leaders.


Biblical principles to facilitators and youth.

To practice

Strengthened youth make the word flesh.

why the young?

In the Quechua churches, the importance of teaching the word of God to young people is unknown; it is mistakenly believed that the Bible is for “mature or adult Christians.”

Young people are ignored in time and role, many times the way to reach them is unknown. Churches do not have adolescent and young believers.

Youth for Christ

Hand in hand with the Quechua churches, leaders are trained to teach young people, they teach biblical principles and values, the use of the Bible and also read Quechua script.

We see few leaders committed to the spiritual development of young people.