Kids Camp

Duly trained Sunday school teachers teaching children.


Children grow in their full knowledge of God.

live together

The children have an experience of friendship with children from other communities.

to accept

Children accept God as their personal Savior Lord.

To put everything they learned into practice, once the training with the children’s teachers is over, the next step is to prepare and hold a camp in the area where the workshop took place.

a camp?

  • To strengthen the knowledge acquired in Sunday schools.
  • With outdoor coexistence activities, which go beyond just leaving their communities or churches, what is sought is the spiritual growth of children.
  • Children participate together with their facilitator.
  • Promote the evangelization of children.

Children for Christ


Mario is 9 years old, he lives in the Pampaccalasaya community, he was part of a group of 183 children who attended a camp in the Pataccalasaya community.

He manifests very surprised and excited: “… I thought that a camp was only games but it was not like that. I learned a lot about God, I enjoyed the games, I was aware that even as a child I am a sinner and I can be separated from God, I did not sleep because of this fact and I decided to ask my teacher how I could be close to God “, he told me” wait a little today you will know the answer “, I looked forward to, the answer was that Jesus Christ is my savior and for him I can go to the Father, I was surprised how Jesus suffered so much and died for me. The teacher asked who wants to accept Christ as their savior to To always be close to God, I ran and said my prayer, when I prayed I felt very strange, I felt a loving hug that made me cry, I met my savior and I knew that it is real.