translation and recording


In general, the Quechua churches are always faithful adherents of the great commission, through evangelistic campaigns in public places, personal evangelism or using mass media, the Quechua church has been obedient in this role.

Many people accept Christ’s message of salvation, they evangelize their families and the church, even in these difficult times, has managed to bear witness to Growth and spiritual blessing.

The same happens in the Quechua sphere, evangelism does not stop, but just as an evangelistic process is important, so is a sustained process of discipleship that can guarantee in the future a mature Christian church and resistant to the threats and rudiments of those who they pretend to confuse and preach a different gospel from that of Christ.

In July, the ATEK Ministry began with the recording of the dubbing of discipleship lessons, these lessons are original from the DEREK PRINCE Ministry, we are still in the recording phase but some modules are already being advanced.

Phases of dubbing


At the time, the lessons were translated, most of them have already been reviewed and are in the process of being audio recorded to be broadcast by radio media.


In the Recording Room technical staff, hand in hand with technological tools and with the tenacity of brothers who participate with their voices, the recording is accomplished.


After the in-room recordings and after the post-production, an application for mobile phones will be implemented, and it will also be broadcast by radio media.

In close coordination with ILMAV we have managed to coordinate a recording and editing work, which will result in an application for mobile phones. We are sure that it will be a great blessing for the Christian Quechua people.