Evangelism and the pandemic

The activities of the ATEK ministry were affected by this time of world pandemic, but as far as possible and in compliance with the provisions of the authorities, a leadership training workshop was held in the Umasbamba Church, a church with many needs, almost abandoned, and at the same time with so much desire to learn the Word of God.

Spiritual need

The pandemic awoke a hunger for the word and those who had once regressed and rejected the gospel of Christ show their desire to draw closer to God; the leaders of the Umasbamba church could not meet the needs of the people.

Need for Food

In the Quechua communities visited, a people was in great need of supplies. Families that focus their income on small businesses and agriculture saw their daily livelihoods dramatically affected.
Many of the families are Christian and they cry out and believe with great faith that God will not abandon them.

The ATEK ministry supported with training the leaders of the Umasbamba, Raqchi, Chinchero and Ucutohuan churches. ATEK focuses its efforts on discipleship, with tools designed in the Quechua language, in the style of Jesus. The Quechua church knows its mission to evangelize and they have planted many churches in different places, but the leaders who have evangelized have gathered many people, but they still show some limitations in doctrinal teaching. Questions such as: What is the new life in Christ? What is the new relationship with God? What should they do or what should they not do when they give their lives to Christ?


Doctrinal doubts

There are still doubts regarding baptism and participation in the Lord’s Supper, these have become only tradition and dogma, this fact damages the faith of many Christians. Seeing this great need we are teaching discipleship based on the Beatitudes on the Mount, where Jesus teaches two main Commandments based on chapters 5, 6, 7 according to the Gospel Matthew. Church leaders and members who are participating in this training are beginning to reformulate their understanding and are also understanding teaching others as Jesus taught.

Our wish

A biblical future well cemented for their faith, leaders are now bringing new people to their churches and are teaching using the same discipleship materials from the ATEK ministry to teach their members and newcomers. Certainly to share the word of God there is no limit. God is blessing and raising Christians with good seed, this is our confidence.
ATEK Ministry