Marriage forgiveness and renewal

In the Quechua people, many families have to distance themselves because of economic need, lack of job opportunities. In most families, the children who are 12 years old leave their communities during school holidays, go to the cities to earn some money for their school supplies, the parents also travel for longer times, the wives stay at home with minor children and caring for their animals.

Very soon the marital problems appear: Adultery and abuse in addition to others. Family leadership is assumed by the mother, which in turn causes other difficulties upon the husband’s return, the children are unaware of the father’s authority and dysfunctional families are born.

Decisions that bear fruit

In the Chinchero community, the ATEK Ministry held a marriage workshop for leaders in order to strengthen and restore families. It was evidenced once again that the word of God is like a seed, when it falls into a heart willing to obey it immediately begins to show fruit, we experienced this with the leaders and families participating in the workshop, they were times of forgiveness, spiritual healing and commitment to live according to the word of God. Healthy and functional families build strong churches and organized and united Quechua communities.
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