It is more blessed to give ...

As a result of the times that we have to live since March, in many places unemployment and hunger increased, very soon the people who migrated to the city returned to their communities, then the families grew in numbers and the need also grew. per food.

An example of this need is the one experienced in the communities of Ccasccas, Pampahuata, Qhehuayllo and Cajapucara, all of them very far from the city of Cusco, all of them with the same

necessities, food for their families; It is dry season so the charcras are not producing.

Many of these families are Christian and they were praying to God for provision, God used the ATEK Ministry to provide for these families, in coordination with some public entities it was possible to bless the inhabitants of these areas.

Baskets containing food for daily consumption (rice, sugar, flour, oil, oats) and some cleaning products were distributed. Many families saw in this fact God’s response to their cry.


We blessed about 310 families in conditions of extreme poverty, Christians and non-Christians.
We strengthened and encouraged Quechua Christian leaders in the area.

Time to Evangelize

"Taking advantage of the presence of the families for the distribution of the baskets, the gospel of Christ was presented and once again we could see the signs of his grace, families reconciled their lives with God and there were even new converts. We thank God for this.